Snowman CLM0111106D Doormat


This Snowman CLM0111106D Doormat is a great way to keep your floors free from dirt and debris. Let’s face it, right now they are full of mud and grime from the most recent storm or just general wear and tear. You need that when you step in? No thank you! This Snowman CLM0111106D Doormat will help clean up any messes outside before they can get in. It also doubles as an excellent addition to the front porch with its natural earthy appeal this would add beauty and elegance to any home environment with its vintage look!

When you picture the perfect entryway, do you imagine an elegantly paved walkway leading to your doorway? If so, don't let your dirty shoes or muddy paws leave a dent in that inviting vision, and buy this doormat today. This durable woven rug also has a long life span with a nonslip backing for safe use. 

Put your foot down with this doormat. Make sure guests know who's house they're at! A soft Polyester knit surface fabric will make you feel pampered, while the natural rubber backing adds durability to what is otherwise just a decorative rug. If it's under or around your porch that needs some cleaning up, then there's no need to pull out the vacuum cleaner because this mat does all of the work for you! But don't worry about what goes on outside of doors-it doesn't stop any dirt from coming on in, so be careful if you have allergies or asthma conditions!

This Snowman CLM0111106D Doormat is perfect for those who want to comfort and safeguard their families from the other two-legged invaders that always seem to come into our houses. With a stylish design and soft material, this doormat will keep your doorstep clean and protect your loved ones from dirt and any other microbes that could be lurking on shoes. Now, there's no excuse not to let them in!

Our personalized doormat will do the dirtiest work for you and others in your life. Outfit it with a loved one's name this Christmas season and finally give some attention that had been overdue from these beloved souls since long ago. Better late than never is how we appear to be rolling on wintertime at least, but enjoy grooming out those wayward messes here today before they get even worse with every passing day too.

When you're giving this doormat as a Christmas gift, not only will it be personalized with their name, but they'll finally have the perfect place to set that cookie plate at your doorstep. It's time for your friend to take their shoes off before coming in!

Why should you go for our Door Mat?

  • Finished product measures approximately 29.5" x 17.5" 
  • Durability, yet soft enough to provide safe entrance into your home
  • Multiple Designs We offer three different designs. Mix and match with other available options!
  • We offer a high quality door mat for adults and children alike!
  • It's perfect for homes, businesses, and apartments alike!
  • We also offer priority customer service!

Care Instruction: 

  • Shake out heavy debris over grass, dirt, or mulch outside
  • Vacuum berber or carpet mats with the brush attachment to remove dry dust and small remaining debris
  • Rinse with a hose to remove lingering dirt and dust
  • Dry your mat over a fence, clothes line, or propped up against a wall
  • Sweep the ground underneath where the mat typically lies
  • Wash the brush vacuum attachment so it’s ready for your next use!

Size chart: